Facts about Computer Science, why I am excited about it and why you should study it.

What is great about Computer Science is that it’s a greatly equalizing field. You can sit and build something, I can sit and build something and people can judge us based on what we’ve built.

It’s a basic need

And having even a little bit of grounding in Computer Science can help you think about the world differently whether that’s algorithms or just creativity. Creativity is a result of an ideation process which involves solving real problems on the ground.

Computer Science can unlock the best opportunities in the world no matter where you’re! Personally, there has never been a better more exciting time to be a Computer Scientist than now.

Computer Science and kids

When I think about what we’re going to teach in schools five to ten years from now, I definitely believe that Computer Science is going to be as important of a skill as even what kids do every day like basic reading and writing.



Integrating Computer Science as a subject in primary schools or early schooling stages of kids should be something players in the education sector are thinking of. Kids have to have that basic understanding of Computer Science in order to do anything creative with technology. It really doesn’t matter which industry you’re in. You need these skills!

The creativity loop

Computer Science is applicable in all aspects of life. So whether it’s marketing, product design, financial analysis among others; having software skills in every one of those domains, makes a very big difference.

One important thing to note is that Technology touches every part of our lives. So if you can change technology, you can change the world. That’s it!

It’s for all

Another thing is that, it’s not all about being a boy or a girl. It’s about being talented. Computer science needs more talent people. People who are not afraid of being creative and can make the world a better place.

And maybe to fill that gap between women and men in Computer Science field, we could just support girls and give them a little more initial encouragement. With this, then we could just start balancing the skills & we won’t even have to play with balancing the equation of women to men in technology. It will just be a natural flow.

Building with Computer Science

In almost every aspect of life or rather fields from my experience as a Computer Science student; be it education, finance, transport

Computer science with community and teams

When you have a diversity of engineers in the room building hardware and software, it means that that software and hardware ends up being way more accessible to a diversity of customers. The knowledge and ideas shared by teams building a solution are tremendously huge and more productive.

Software or hardware can be built with all aspects of life integrated so easily. The ideation process becomes more of a large scale and the end product ends up solving real problems on the ground.

The “Innovation-cycle-scale”

Teams, together widens what I call the “innovation-cycle-scale”. What I mean by “innovation-cycle-scale” is the simplicity in building software or hardware. The product is made so real. The ideation process flows so easily and what comes out from the teams is basically REAL and as mentioned earlier, software and hardware totally ends up being way more accessible to a diversity of customers.

And therefore;

To conclude, I would insist that; Computer Science can unlock the best opportunities in the world no matter where you’re! Personally, there has never been a better more exciting time to be a Computer Scientist than now.


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How to build the next generation web experiences – Progressive Web Apps

web - pwa

In this article, I will help you get resources to supercharge your new or existing project with the next generation of web technologies in order to deliver fast, secure, and greater content to any screen.

The core foundations of a delightful web experience


Users don’t expect junky scrolling or slow load performance. Making your site fast is a process that starts with understanding how RAIL affects the performance of your site and how use that to measure and improve your performance.


User experiences on the web should feel like an integrated part of the user’s device; instead of having to reach through a browser window, the experience should feel true to how the user interacts with the device.


1. Get a place on the user’s home screen.

2. Simplify payments with the Payment Request API.


Users don’t expect the web to work without a network connect, and often don’t even bother to try when it’s a slow or intermittent connection. We need to change that perception. The web must be reliable.


1. Use the Offline Cookbook to improve reliability.

2. What should you consider when designing for slow or intermittent networks?


An engaging app goes beyond functional, but ensures that the whole experience is delightful making it easy for the user to do what they need to do. Using features like Web Push, it’s always up to date, and Notifications keeps users informed. It uses the right capabilities, at the right time, in a beautiful way.


1. Use Push  Notifications to re-engage with users.

2. Designing beautiful user experiences.

web - pwa

And what are the best practices to follow?

Move to HTTPS

HTTPS allows users to securely connect to your website or app. Set up HTTPS to protect the integrity of your site, and the security of your users.

Learn more

Optimize performance

Users don’t have the patience to wait for sites that can’t deliver content quickly. Learn testing techniques and best practices to ensure that your sites and apps are optimized and perform superbly.

Learn more

Make it responsive

Modern users live on phones, tablets and laptops; your apps and websites should do the same. Learn how to structure and code your content to look great on screens of any size.

Learn more


Discover tools that can help you kick start your development and improve your workflow.

Find them here?—? Tools

Demo super web apps?

Find demo apps on Project PWA Fire developer site Here

So whoa! There you go! That should help you grow and scale up your building skills!


What technology means to me – maye-edwin

As a young professional, technology to me, means a world full of opportunities. It is an enabler to scale up our skills and talents. To allow us be creative and build solutions around our skills and talents. Allow us to effectively apply our talents and skills we learn every day in a more creative way.

what tech means to me-maye | bytes

Technology means a lot. Whether Edu-tech, business or workwise, it gives you the potential to be more productive and creative. It’s an acceleration to self-development and progress. What I mean is, technology should make life easy.

If you aren’t afraid of being creative, then technology should help you build amazing solutions for problems you, your family, friends and the entire society face daily. This applies across the three aspects of life, that is;

  • Social – to enable you to reach out to people easily, interact and stay connected wherever you’re.
  • Economical – help you to do business more conveniently. Fill the connection gap and continuity of interaction between your business and the customers. Help you build solutions that solves real problems.
  • Political – to help you stay in the same loop with government through easy information access. To help you get in touch with government channels.

Technology is a whole package of in-demand skills that enable you to change not only your life, but the lives of people around you, making a real impact on the local and global stage through your creative interaction with it.

With billions of people connected on the internet today, technology means a whole world of opportunities for education, employment and entrepreneurship.

As a student, what technology means is an enabler to bridging the gap from learning to earning by empowering you to gain real world experience and skills to shape your career. How? It gives you access to information. Enables you to quest, then find answers and help prove what you believe should be a solution through making it via technology. That is, technovation.

Technology today to me, means life itself. It’s the main driving force behind it. Today people interact with it in almost everything. It’s a tool that has made people more useful, saved time and even inspired people to be more creative and innovating in applying it in all fields every single day.

Technology to me means a BLAST in human intelligence and creativity. It has allowed people to yearn for more knowledge and creativity. I mean everyday a new product is mentioned, there is always a better one cooking. Isn’t it interesting?

How has tech changed my life?

What technology has done to me is MASSIVE. It has made me more creative, productive and resourceful. There is a lot to give out there!

I have been to places where bosses of particular companies ask me, “ What can you do for us?” There is always a problem I find to pitch out and let them know that with technology, then things should be BETTER.

Technology has made me all round. This is as a result of its application in almost every aspect of life. There is always something to do with technology anywhere anytime. I mean, my current job is self-described.

Being techie and with a totally non-techie company has allowed me to creatively use my skills as an IT student to make life easy at the company.

I do digital marketing, online content generation, found them with some crazy website and bravely told them I could do it better, of which I do, I make them promo videos, very useful for digital marketing, turned their 32K follows Facebook page into a sales leads generation platform and much more. Technology inspires me to be a problem solver.

Every time I always ask myself , “What can I do with technology to empower others to achieve more on this planet whether through directly building solutions or rather enabling them to use technology itself?” This makes life interesting for me. The quest for creativity is overwhelming.

Honestly, technology has made me think solutions, however small they might be or even useless. There is always an inspiration to do something. To build. That single attempt is what makes technology a great enabler to being more useful human beings across all aspects of life.

-maye | bytes
-maye | bytes

What would I like to see people doing with technology?

I want to see people embracing it. Taking it as an enabler to make them more productive. Let me address this businesswise.

If sales people, and are passionate about interacting directly with customers and being on the front line to bring the magic of a product to customers and businesses,

then technology should be the dynamic tool kit to enable you to hone your sales craft and take your first steps to becoming a world-class sales professional.

If techies, and are passionate about driving advances in technology to help your company or rather people and businesses solve big problems and remain competitive in a cloud-first, mobile-first world, then technology should be the path to follow so that as you build solutions others will build upon your existing technology skills and make you even more creative to build more sustainable software solutions. A fair competitive innovative environment is created.

If you are passionate about telling people about your products to help people and businesses throughout the world to achieve more, then technology should be your number one lead.

You will be able to capitalise on the opportunity technology presents to connect with customers in new ways, honing your communication skills and techniques to launch your marketing career.

And finally learners, that is Edu-tech should embrace technology cause it makes learning fun and easy.

Technology has provided too many resources that allows a single tap access to information.

The future I personally see for the education sector is almost classroom-less schools.

What I mean is that with billions of people connected today, then information would be readily there and people will be able to learn from anywhere, anytime on any device.

Technology is inventible! Embrace it! Be more creative and productive!

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Five Tips to Shop and Bank Safe Online

For many people when it comes to Computer  and Internet Security, what crosses their minds is Viruses, Malware and Hackers.

Actually out of ten computer users, nine have anti-viruses installed on their devices.

Online Shopping
Online Shopping

We’ve always believed that viruses and malware are the biggest threat to our computing life and gets into our machines when we share files over local network or secondary storage devices. Well, not.

Surfing Safe
Lock Internet


Computer security cuts across the internet (Online or offline), unauthorized access to our personal computers and any computing resource in addition to viruses and malware.

With all this done, having anti-viruses in our computers seem not to 100% protect our machines and other computer resources since every time we still get pop-up alerts that our computers are infected.

Internet Security Threat

In this article I’ll discuss about how to protect yourself from the internet security threat as an internet user.

Online banking and shopping have become one of the internet boom activities over the recent years.

Malicious internet users traditionally known as Hackers, have always used this opportunity to “attack”.

More than 12 million people fall victim to various types of identity theft, according to statistics provided by the Statistics Brain Research Institute.

Banking and Shopping Safe – The Action!

Looking at online shopping and online banking first, here are some tips to consider in order to protect yourself over the internet from malicious internet users!

Internet Security
Internet Security
  • Do Not Save Credit Card Information online.

Most of the shopping and banking sites would always ask you to save your credit card information to ease future use. Well, avoid this.

Bank Safe
Bank Safe

What if a malicious internet user hacks into the shopping site system and stole your information? Watch out!


  • Shop on secure sites only.

The address of a secure site will always start with an https:// to specify its encryption.

Safe Sites
Safe Sites

They usually advertise their security protocols with icons, accolades and information so that visitors will feel safe, as well.

  • Customize browser settings.

Some browsers store user passwords and website entries in default settings, you should change these settings to avoid hackers and other malicious users from accessing personal information.

  • Erase search and browser history.

After doing all your transactions on the internet, it’s a good practise to erase all search and browsing history to be on the safe in fact the safest side.

Stay Safe


Why? Because It helps cut down on IP tracking and Internet stalking by hackers.

*Note: Firefox and some other browsers allow their users to surf the Internet and travel about the Internet in an incognito fashion.

For Firefox in Windows, press Ctrl+Shift+N.

Erasing your browser history also protects you from malicious computer users, friends and family who can access and use your computer to browse the internet.

  • Turn on Anti-Virus and Malware Software.

This is a good practise. You’ll be able to get notified of any malware or virus intrusion.

To those using windows 10, no need to purchase a software product, turn on windows defender, keep it up-to-date and surf safest!



Surfing safe is the one thing that every internet user out there needs. Online shoppers should consider applying the above tips to avoid being victims of “Identity Theft” and “Hacking”.

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References: http://w3privacy.com

Real Opportunities | – Interns4Afrika – Microsoft – Maye Edwin

The Interns4Afrika program offers talented young people a unique experience with a dynamic and agile technology organization on the African continent.

You work for 6 months with a Microsoft partner on real projects, collaborating and learning from your colleagues. Whether you’re aspiring for a future in sales, marketing or technology, this is your chance to kick-start your future.

In order to give you the best chance of success, 4 weeks of your internship will be dedicated to developing world class business and technical skills. Microsoft will support you to rapidly develop your capabilities through the (virtual) classroom and the great work you will do.

The competition for a place on Interns 4Afrika is tough but if you are entrepreneurial with a passion for technology, are keen to continue learning and have a flexible can-do attitude we want to hear from you. Join us today, and help shape the Africa of tomorrow.

Follow your passion, choose your path

At Microsoft, we have three Internship paths you can take with Microsoft 4Afrika Internship program.

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Technical

Sales Path

Passionate about interacting directly with customers? Or being on the front line to bring the magic of software to customers and businesses? The Interns4Afrika sales path could be right for you.


With this, Microsoft along with its partners will provide you with a dynamic tool kit to enable you to hone your sales craft and take your first steps to becoming a world-class sales professional.

Microsoft partners have a diverse range of sales opportunities. Maybe you would like to be a Junior Account Manager, meeting potential clients and educating them on the benefits of Microsoft products.

Or perhaps your passion for communication will see you leading on the development of sales materials (Like my own, “The Website on Paper”) to convert prospective customers as a Sales and Marketing Assistant. Or how about driving sales through participation in workshops, events and demos as a Retail Sales Specialist?

There is a lot that Microsoft offers to young and creative people around the globe who have the zeal to see themselves living a successful professional life.

Marketing Path

Do you believe you are avid marketer who wants to tell the world how technology can improve lives? Are you passionate about telling the Microsoft story to help people and businesses throughout the world to achieve more? Then the Interns4Afrika marketing path could be right for you.

For this, Microsoft and its partners will support you to capitalise on the opportunity technology presents to connect with customers in new ways, honing your communication skills and techniques to launch your marketing career.


Microsoft partners have a diverse range of marketing opportunities. Would you like to be an Advertising and Branding Junior Manager creating and delivering social media marketing campaigns?

Or perhaps you would be interested in creating internal & external communication strategies as a Junior Marketing Strategist.

Maybe your strong organization skills would be best used as a Junior Project Manager, supporting the execution of marketing plans for Microsoft products and services. This will empower you to have great skills and rating in product marketing and creating brands that sell.


If passionate about driving advances in technology to help Microsoft customers solve big problems and remain competitive in a cloud-first, mobile-first world, then the Interns4Afrika technical path could be right for you.

Microsoft and its partners will also build upon your existing technology skills and support you to learn the latest Microsoft technologies.

You will be able complete Microsoft certifications to fulfil your potential as Microsoft technical expert. Like for my case, I had Microsoft Office 365 and Azure Trainings.

Microsoft partners have a diverse range of technical opportunities. Become a Microsoft CRM Online Expert and train others to capitalize on the CRM cloud opportunity. Or build and manage enterprise, mobile, Web and Internet of Things (IoT) apps faster as an Azure Specialist.

Maybe you would like to support customers to use the cloud-based collaboration and productivity tools as Office 365 Specialist. Or perhaps a role as a Data Platform Specialist will suit you, using data and insights to engage with customers and stakeholders, delivering improved customer value and operational excellence.

If you want to build a breadth and depth of knowledge in modern technologies to become ‘cloud-ready’ IT professional, then this is the thing.

How do you apply? And what are the qualifications?

Microsoft looks for motivated, talented and hard-working individuals who are interested in making the most of this life changing opportunity.


All you need is to ensure that;

  1. You are able to commit to completing full time internship for 6 months
  2. You are currently in education or have graduated from an Undergraduate or Postgraduate course within the last 12 months
  3. You have a BA/BSc in a business related or IT degree.
  4. You have right to work in the country in which you are currently located.

Personally, I had an amazing opportunity to network, learn, teach and acquire new skills during my Internship. I was lucky to have two Internship paths at the same time, Sales and Technical Internship.

I also secured a pretty cool job thereafter. With the zeal still high, I am looking forward to hone my skills and work at Microsoft sometime soon.

Big thanks to Microsoft 4Afrika! Apply Now.

Maye Edwin | #MeetMaye #ModernBiz