Our Startups

Okoa Mama


A platform to provide data to the community regarding maternal health in our public health institutions, with an aim of providing a solution to the ailing maternal health care system in Kenya. They also use SMS/USSD to reach pregnant women with information.



PlusFarm Agribusiness is a start-up company based in Eldoret and founded by Stephen Mwongela Moses in 2017. The company focuses on four key areas, namely ; Agricultural project management, fresh produce logistics and storage, smart contract farming, processing and value addition. These four interventions streamline the otherwise complex, capital intense and time consuming food value chain, that is from production, distribution to access to ready markets.The various projects the company has undertaken include Faida Mazao; a solar powered cold storage solution for fresh produce. This innovation has received several accolades including being presented in Arusha, Cape Town and at the Royal Academy of engineering in London.The company is also managing two Aquaponics projects from farmers in Uasin Gishu County.

Soko Brand


Branding company that empower businesses  to build their brands through value identification, giving them an online presence and providing promotional products for marketing. They not only focus on the physical branding e.g. web design, logos etc. but also help them identify their values and strategies that will make their businesses withstand challenges during startup stages.

Myrural farm


A platform to provide data to the community regarding agriculture in rural areas


Using open data to reduce favourism, nepotism and corruption in the tendering process in the county governments


Using technology to deliver real estate products easily and conveniently in a more digital way