Our Startups

Okoa Mama


A platform to provide data to the community regarding maternal health in our public health institutions, with an aim of providing a solution to the ailing maternal health care system in Kenya. They also use SMS/USSD to reach pregnant women with information.



PlusFarm Agribusiness is a start-up company based in Eldoret and founded by Stephen Mwongela Moses in 2017. The company focuses on four key areas, namely ; Agricultural project management, fresh produce logistics and storage, smart contract farming, processing and value addition. These four interventions streamline the otherwise complex, capital intense and time consuming food value chain, that is from production, distribution to access to ready markets.The various projects the company has undertaken include Faida Mazao; a solar powered cold storage solution for fresh produce. This innovation has received several accolades including being presented in Arusha, Cape Town and at the Royal Academy of engineering in London.The company is also managing two Aquaponics projects from farmers in Uasin Gishu County.

Soko Brand


Branding company that empower businesses  to build their brands through value identification, giving them an online presence and providing promotional products for marketing. They not only focus on the physical branding e.g. web design, logos etc. but also help them identify their values and strategies that will make their businesses withstand challenges during startup stages.



Juakalismart is a communication platform meant to serve the specific needs of small scale manufactures, enabling calls, instant messaging, marketing and sales.
Recently shortlisted to the
2019 Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation run by the Royal Academy of Engineering. https://www.raeng.org.uk/news/news-releases/2018/november/africa-prize-recognises-the-continent-s-brightest


Farm Assist


Lead by Maye Edwin With everything going digital, there’s need for a digital platform that allows farmers to automate their farm activities such that they have visibility of the farm progress anytime anywhere on single click.Farmer’s Assist (FA), an internet application software, that helps farmers to solve these problems in a more efficient and less costly way leading to increase in production.This startup is the Winner of hack4farming a project by EldoHub to promote agri-tech solutions in the North Rift Region



Lead by George Mwangi Eldoret leo is a go to site for all information about Eldoret businesses and entertainments. After the realization that there is a need for information within Eldoret, they decided to put together a site that will contain information tailored to Eldoret. They also nurture upcoming writers by coaching and attaching them to their work www.eldoretleo.com



lead by David Givondo They connect African businesses to African talents. We help small businesses reduce operational inefficiencies by leveraging on an intuitive African digital workforce. They charge a commission of 15% for sustainability. The founder will be participating the Swizz sub-saharan Business development program in a weeks’ time in Nairobi


Angaza Dada


Stella Muthungu program this is a startup lead by stella which aim to mentor and support girls in high school to consider Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics. She runs outreach programs with a mentor –mentee model with an aim of increasing the number of girls pursuing and exceling in STEM careers.


SunPride Garments


Lead by Collins Rutoh It is a startup in textile manufacturing based in Eldoret that does distribution, bulk manufacturing and branding of uniform. They provide low cost high quality general uniforms that cater to organizations, institutions and industries. He wants to be the biggest brand in textile manufacturing and want to open regional outlets across east Africa.