Facts about Computer Science, why I am excited about it and why you should study it.

What is great about Computer Science is that it’s a greatly equalizing field. You can sit and build something, I can sit and build something and people can judge us based on what we’ve built.

It’s a basic need

And having even a little bit of grounding in Computer Science can help you think about the world differently whether that’s algorithms or just creativity. Creativity is a result of an ideation process which involves solving real problems on the ground.

Computer Science can unlock the best opportunities in the world no matter where you’re! Personally, there has never been a better more exciting time to be a Computer Scientist than now.

Computer Science and kids

When I think about what we’re going to teach in schools five to ten years from now, I definitely believe that Computer Science is going to be as important of a skill as even what kids do every day like basic reading and writing.



Integrating Computer Science as a subject in primary schools or early schooling stages of kids should be something players in the education sector are thinking of. Kids have to have that basic understanding of Computer Science in order to do anything creative with technology. It really doesn’t matter which industry you’re in. You need these skills!

The creativity loop

Computer Science is applicable in all aspects of life. So whether it’s marketing, product design, financial analysis among others; having software skills in every one of those domains, makes a very big difference.

One important thing to note is that Technology touches every part of our lives. So if you can change technology, you can change the world. That’s it!

It’s for all

Another thing is that, it’s not all about being a boy or a girl. It’s about being talented. Computer science needs more talent people. People who are not afraid of being creative and can make the world a better place.

And maybe to fill that gap between women and men in Computer Science field, we could just support girls and give them a little more initial encouragement. With this, then we could just start balancing the skills & we won’t even have to play with balancing the equation of women to men in technology. It will just be a natural flow.

Building with Computer Science

In almost every aspect of life or rather fields from my experience as a Computer Science student; be it education, finance, transport

Computer science with community and teams

When you have a diversity of engineers in the room building hardware and software, it means that that software and hardware ends up being way more accessible to a diversity of customers. The knowledge and ideas shared by teams building a solution are tremendously huge and more productive.

Software or hardware can be built with all aspects of life integrated so easily. The ideation process becomes more of a large scale and the end product ends up solving real problems on the ground.

The “Innovation-cycle-scale”

Teams, together widens what I call the “innovation-cycle-scale”. What I mean by “innovation-cycle-scale” is the simplicity in building software or hardware. The product is made so real. The ideation process flows so easily and what comes out from the teams is basically REAL and as mentioned earlier, software and hardware totally ends up being way more accessible to a diversity of customers.

And therefore;

To conclude, I would insist that; Computer Science can unlock the best opportunities in the world no matter where you’re! Personally, there has never been a better more exciting time to be a Computer Scientist than now.


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Intel at EldoHub

In the current era we encounter artificial intelligence in our day today activities such as talk to text for android users, photo tagging etc. with such emerging technology EldoHub hosted intel student ambassadors program to enlighten the students, technologists or rather the younger generation on the importance and how artificial intelligence can be used to enhance our daily lives, furthermore how we make a living using knowledge acquired from the seminar.

Nothing portrays empowerment to the youth better than EldoHub. EldoHub is an innovation is a center of excellence and first of its kind in the North Rift, they offer innovation opportunities to the youth on information technology and entrepreneurship, ample space for brainstorming. For those interested in business and entrepreneurship EldoHub offers consulting and coaching services to the youth, making them reach their full potential in business. Mentor ship and coaching to new and startup companies to develop is also an offered package at EldoHub.

EldoHub also provides training services on Technology, Entrepreneurship, Agribusiness and Digital marketing.

With the help of Intel EldoHub in partnership with Apps lab hosted a workshop in Eldoret with speakers and Experts in artificial intelligence on 9th December 2017.

The event started at 9:00 am and was graced by Intel AI Experts. It started with a brief explanation of what AI is and the applications it has in our day to day lives followed by a giveaway session based on questions asked by the presenters, the giveaways included Intel flash disks, jumpers, t-shirts and shopping bags. Participants took to social media with the hash tags #IntelAtEldohub, #IntelAtEldoret, #IntelAI to promote the event. The top tweeters were given prices. This was followed by a practical session on how to do a simple AI code using Anaconda platform well not the snake if you know what I mean.

At the end of the event participants were given the chance to ask questions related with AI and later offered some delicacies followed by a photo session by Eldoret Leo



The seminar was a success and would encourage EldoHub to hold more of such with other partners apart from Intel to help the youth find a passion in information technology.





Blog written by King’ori Githinji, Intern at EldoHub

Recap: 2017 IT Kids and Teens Innovation Bootcamps

In today’s digital world parents and educators have been waking up to the reality that coding is important. Currently computing is involved in all aspects of our lives, the world is dominated by technology and software is its language. The future belongs to those who understand software and they use it as creators and innovators to shape the world. Bill Gates attributed his success to the exposure to coding as a teenager. There is a need to equip children with digital literacy skills as early as possible. Every child needs to know the basics to excel in our rapidly changing world.

EldoHub through IT kids and teens program provide trainings to children and teenagers to Learn to code with an aim of preparing them for the fast and new world of modern technology.  They will develop programs around the web, mobile and graphic design.

Weekend sessions runs between 9am and 12 noon, twice in a month on every Saturday

School Holiday Camps runs in April, August and December offered between 9am and 3pm from Monday to Saturday for one or two weeks depending on the program one selects. We also have programs tailored for schools where we offer a customized training in various schools depending on their school program.

August IT Kids and Teens Bootcamp

Kevin Barasa taking them through Game development using mit scratch.


November-December Bootcamp


Parenting in the Age of digital Technology Workshop

After the BootCamp we also create awareness to parents of the risk of net exposure to children.

Children could be speaking to someone who is not who they  seem, they could be being bullied.Children could be receiving bad advice from others or strangers.  As long as we are online we are vulnerable, children are targets of online threats as they are often trusting and eager to make friends. It is important to train them on how to protect themselves online. EldoHub as an organization dealing in the technology space has taken up the role of empowering and training them with an aim of protecting children, because we take child online protection very seriously. We also train parents and care givers to learn how to protect themselves and the children online.