Intel at EldoHub

In the current era we encounter artificial intelligence in our day today activities such as talk to text for android users, photo tagging etc. with such emerging technology EldoHub hosted intel student ambassadors program to enlighten the students, technologists or rather the younger generation on the importance and how artificial intelligence can be used to enhance our daily lives, furthermore how we make a living using knowledge acquired from the seminar.

Nothing portrays empowerment to the youth better than EldoHub. EldoHub is an innovation is a center of excellence and first of its kind in the North Rift, they offer innovation opportunities to the youth on information technology and entrepreneurship, ample space for brainstorming. For those interested in business and entrepreneurship EldoHub offers consulting and coaching services to the youth, making them reach their full potential in business. Mentor ship and coaching to new and startup companies to develop is also an offered package at EldoHub.

EldoHub also provides training services on Technology, Entrepreneurship, Agribusiness and Digital marketing.

With the help of Intel EldoHub in partnership with Apps lab hosted a workshop in Eldoret with speakers and Experts in artificial intelligence on 9th December 2017.

The event started at 9:00 am and was graced by Intel AI Experts. It started with a brief explanation of what AI is and the applications it has in our day to day lives followed by a giveaway session based on questions asked by the presenters, the giveaways included Intel flash disks, jumpers, t-shirts and shopping bags. Participants took to social media with the hash tags #IntelAtEldohub, #IntelAtEldoret, #IntelAI to promote the event. The top tweeters were given prices. This was followed by a practical session on how to do a simple AI code using Anaconda platform well not the snake if you know what I mean.

At the end of the event participants were given the chance to ask questions related with AI and later offered some delicacies followed by a photo session by Eldoret Leo



The seminar was a success and would encourage EldoHub to hold more of such with other partners apart from Intel to help the youth find a passion in information technology.





Blog written by King’ori Githinji, Intern at EldoHub