GDG DevFest Rift Valley 2017 – be THERE

GDG DevFest Season 2017 Aug 1 – Nov 30, Global

GDG DevFests are large, community-run developer events happening around the globe focused on community building and learning about Google’s technologies.

GDG DevFest Rift Valley 2017
GDG DevFest Rift Valley 2017

GDG DevFest Rift Valley – 18.11.2017


DevFest events cover multiple product areas such as Android, Firebase, Google Cloud Platform, Machine Learning, and Mobile Web.


As an attendee, you can expect speaker sessions, all-day hackathons, codelabs, and more.


Each DevFest is inspired by and uniquely tailored to the needs of the developer community that hosts it.While no two events will be exactly alike, each event will, at its core, be powered by a shared belief that when developers come together to exchange ideas, amazing things can happen.


All active GDG chapters are invited to host their own DevFest event for their community.

GDG DevFest Season 2017
GDG DevFest Season 2017

Festival organizers – Rift Valley 2017

Google Developer Group Moi (GDG Moi) in conjunction with GDG Kabarak | Egerton

By the way, it’s pleasure to announce that registration is opened! Register now and get your free event invitation and ticket.

You can find information about registration, speakers, tickets and other latest news on the conference website,LinkedIn, Twitter or Google+. Don’t miss anything interesting!

And most importantly: Be THERE, be a MAKER!