My Microsoft & 4Afrika Story- Microsoft 4Afrika Internship – Maye Edwin

My passion for technology if asked, I would say is so great. As a tech community builder, my mission has always been building a platform for young African tech makers to engage, share, teach and acquire new skills and at the end CO-CREATE. This started when I joined Microsoft in 2015  as a Microsoft student partner and Microsoft 4Afrika Internship program.

GDG Moi University i/o17

In September 2014, I enrolled for a Bsc. Computer Science in Moi University. Honestly, I totally had no idea what Computer Science was. In fact, I thought I had just wasted my nice grade score in High School. It took time to get myself convinced that this was the THING!

At some point, I even applied for an inter-course transfer to do some other engineering course. Technology was a career that I had never thought of. Passion for it, was NULL.


At Microsoft, it all started by a WhatsApp link. A single click is what gave me leads and opened opportunities to meeting great people at Microsoft. It was a Microsoft Student Partner program application form.Which I applied. I was in my first year then. A month later, I received an email confirmation that I was selected to be a Microsoft Student PartnerI call this BOOM!


My fellow MSPs at the university were finalists. They were surprised just how as a first year, got such an opportunity. To them it was a plus! So, we started planning, sending and receiving mails from Microsoft Offices at Nairobi for events! We did Microsoft boot camps and many developer activities at our university.

One of the epic activity was the Microsoft Boot camp in collaboration with the 4Afrika team led by Somet Kipchilat and Paul Roy in Kenya. Another amazing Microsoft activity was the “Windows 10 upgrade” project. I managed to do more upgrades at my varsity together with fellow MSP’s.

Microsoft 4Afrika

When I met Somet, the 4Afrika official in Kenya, he enlighten me on the 4Afrika program. This kept pushing me to do more as an MSP. I learnt of the 4Afrika Internship program . I was so interested in joining the program just after finishing my fourth year.

The competition for a place on Interns 4Afrika is tough but if you are entrepreneurial with a passion for technology, are keen to continue learning and have a flexible can-do attitude then you are the perfect candidate!

The Interns4Afrika program offers talented young people a unique experience with a dynamic and agile technology organization on the African continent. You will work for 6 months with a Microsoft partner on real projects, collaborating and learning from your colleagues. Whether you’re aspiring for a future in sales, marketing or technology, it is an amazing chance to kick-start your future.

To give you the best chance of success, 4 weeks of your internship will be dedicated to developing world class business and technical skills. The 4Afrika team will support you to rapidly develop your capabilities through the (virtual) classroom and the great work you will do.

Apply : Interns 4Afrika

Microsoft Afrika Intitative
Microsoft 4Afrika Internship








In 2016 between July and August, I received an email from the 4Afrika team requesting me to apply for the 2016-2017 internship program. I had just finished my second year at the university by then.

A month later I received a call from Lucy of the 4Afrika team.  She informed me that I had qualified for the internship and that I was going to be contacted by a Microsoft Partner for my interview. I was so happy. That was a BOOM!


I received interview requests from two Microsoft Partners. E-Momentum Systems and Magtech Solutions. Both based in Nairobi, Kenya. I was so happy for that. So excited !

I had the Magtech Interview first and made it. When the second Microsoft partner called, I had already received an appointment letter from Magtech Solutions.

Microsoft 4Afrika Interns
Microsoft 4Afrika Interns

Work Experience

Since my first day at work for my internship, I really learnt and gained a lot. Team work being the most important of all. My professional aspect of life has grown better than before. From writing to field work, that is, technical aspect with Microsoft Azure and Office 365.


I had a lot of expectation since the first day at the office. I thank the MS 4Afrika team for their support all through and I am glad to have gained more than I anticipated including; Office 365 Trainngs, product branding- Office 365, published about 15 Articles on Microsoft Technologies for Business on Magtech site, Microsoft 4Afrika Sales & Technical training, Azure training and Certification, Advanced digital marketing skills, Represented Magtech Solutions at the Microsoft Next Africa 2017 2 day event, team work and development of a “Website on Paper” sales and marketing file.

The Microsoft 4Afrika Sales and Technical Trainings

During the internship period, we had sales and technical training that have empowered me so much. The trainers were great and we could exchange ideas and engage positively during the training sessions.

One of the epic training was the Microsoft 3 day Office 365 Training that took place in Nairobi at Microsoft offices. The trainers, Charles and Ben from the United Kingdom were great and resourceful.

Writing & Articles

During the Internship, I managed to write articles on Microsoft Technologies for Small and Medium Business ranging from cloud, security and Office 365 dubbed #ModenBiz published on my LinkedIn profile and Magtech Solutions Ltd website. Here is one of the published articles.

Connecting with customers under the tagline #MeetMaye #ModenBiz

The “Website on Paper” project

During my Internship, I got a client,  Impala Glass Industries during my free lancing side hustles who wanted to have a marketing file that would be something like an “offline website” which would be used by their sales team instead of using a mobile app or even having brochures. At first I had no idea but I took the job.

I managed to have it done and to me this was one of the greatest achievement I made during the internship. I am looking forward to having more clients in the near future. The pay was good!

The Microsoft NexTech Africa event 2017

I represented Magtech Solutions Ltd  at the NexTech Africa 2017 event held in Nairobi. Created by a group of passionate Africans at Microsoft, Microsoft NexTech Africa 2017   event was a 2-day meeting of the minds designed to engageempower, inspire and see African technology creators building for Africa in Africa.

Microsoft NexTech Africa
Microsoft NexTech Africa 2017 Event

To conclude, I would say, there is so much out there and all we need is to get out, find any possible opportunities we can in order to succeed in whatever we do. It’s never easy. We need people to grow and therefore your network should be your networth. Opportunities are out there. Seek them. Do what you do with passion and trust you me, you’ll make it high!

Cheers! #MeetMaye