Our Incubation Centre

When a baby is born he or she is put in the incubator for some hours or days. This gives them a chance to be able to adjust to the outside environment, to grow stronger before they face the outside world. Entrepreneurship is in the verge of explosive growth in Kenya, with Kenya being referred as the Silicon Savannah, Silicon valley of Africa, This was as a result of different tech innovations which was born/made in the country. This provides new opportunities to strengthen the eco-system.

Our Incubation center is the place where startups are born nurtured and given the wings to fly. This gives small young/upcoming entrepreneurs chance to bring their business in the right shape, before they reach the outside world. We also give youth and students a chance to change their mindset and start thinking of being job creators, support them to develop an entrepreneurial skills and provide support from ideation, building the business model, product development, market research to launching and deployment.