Intel at EldoHub

In the current era we encounter artificial intelligence in our day today activities such as talk to text for android users, photo tagging etc. with such emerging technology EldoHub hosted intel student ambassadors program to enlighten the students, technologists or rather the younger generation on the importance and how artificialRead More

EldoHub Hosted the First Ever Hackathon in Eldoret

Recap: 2017 IT Kids and Teens Innovation Bootcamps

In today’s digital world parents and educators have been waking up to the reality that coding is important. Currently computing is involved in all aspects of our lives, the world is dominated by technology and software is its language. The future belongs to those who understand software and they useRead More

Recap: 14 EldoHub Monthly Innovations Forums

Eldohub Monthly Innovations forums aims at empowering, supporting and encouraging young people to be innovative. It catalyzes conversions around Technology, entrepreneurship and innovations to meet the critical need among the young people to access information that leads to new opportunities. A platform that encourages them to thoroughly and systematically investigateRead More

Recap: Women in Entrepreneurship 2017

Women in Entrepreneurship is an EldoHub initiative meant to incubate and support women in business. The brand Series, among other activities is a monthly event that allows you to meet and network with other women in Enterprise.   August Event- Women in Enterprise Fire Up Event A firebrand inspired usRead More

A Sponsored Web Development Training at 1500 only

Companies have started touting coding as the new literacy, almost a prerequisite to getting in the door. New hires are required to learn code, it doesn’t matter whether you are in sales, finance or any other department. Do not miss new year’s give away from EldoHub in January. At justRead More

Web Apps – How to build the next generation web experiences

  In this article, I will help you get resources to supercharge your new or existing project with the next generation of web technologies in order to deliver fast, secure, and greater content to any screen. The core foundations of a delightful web experience Fast Users don’t expect junky scrollingRead More

Integrating Technology with Education in Africa – Maye Edwin

Adopting to new technology in education is a bit difficult. Teachers, students and a curriculum have to adjust. This is true given that technology moves at different velocities in different countries. The best thing to do is we have to take things (technology) as they come. Companies like Microsoft areRead More

What technology means to me – maye-edwin

As a young professional, technology to me, means a world full of opportunities. It is an enabler to scale up our skills and talents. To allow us be creative and build solutions around our skills and talents. Allow us to effectively apply our talents and skills we learn every dayRead More

GDG DevFest Rift Valley 2017 – be THERE

GDG DevFest Season 2017 Aug 1 – Nov 30, Global GDG DevFests are large, community-run developer events happening around the globe focused on community building and learning about Google’s technologies. GDG DevFest Rift Valley – 18.11.2017 Content DevFest events cover multiple product areas such as Android, Firebase, Google Cloud Platform,Read More